Storage Facilities

Whether you’re downsizing, running out of space or just need to clear some room in your property, finding secure storage to look after your belongings can prove extremely useful. Here at Trux Removals, we offer a range of containerised storage solutions at our dedicated storage facility.

Our storage facilities are perfect for commercial and domestic use. Whether you wish to store furniture, fragile antiques, business documents, old keepsakes or anything at all, our facilities are equipped with reliable and modern security solutions that you can depend on.

Our modern, specially designed vehicles reliably transport your items to our facility, keeping the utmost care for your goods until they are transferred safely into their containers.

Containerised storage

Containerised storage is the most efficient and cost-effective method of storage available!

This method of storage minimises the number of times your goods are handled and, unlike self storage, there are no long walks pushing trolleys up aisles, only to find that the unit you have selected is too small!

Storage containers are fork-lifted directly onto our vehicles and brought to your home. They are then carefully loaded with your belongings and sealed.

Our lorry then returns to our warehouse where the containers are stacked and remain until you request their return. Should you require access to your goods whilst they are in storage, we will bring your containers forward and open them for you.

Secure Storage

Our containerised storage units are fully secure, with 24 hour CCTV operation to closely monitor your belongings, keeping them safe for the duration of their stay with us.

To maximise security, and for your peace of mind, every customer is provided with their own personal storage unit to eliminate any instances of lost or separated property. Everything you store with us is kept safe and sound together, locked away until you require access to them.

Our containers measure 250 cubic feet (Height 7ft x Length 7ft x Width 5ft). Typically, this means the following:

  • 1-2 containers for a 1 bedroom flat
  • 2-3 containers for a 2 bedroom flat
  • 3-4 containers for a 2 bedroom house
  • 5-6 containers for a 3 bedroom house
  • 7-8 containers for a 4 bedroom house

The number of containers you will need can vary from person to person, so be sure to discuss your requirements with us. We can provide all the advice and assistance you need when deciding on the perfect storage solution for your needs.

For flexible 24-hour storage units, customers throughout Hertford, Barnet, Welwyn Garden City and beyond can contact our friendly team today.